"Killing Time"
A fan dance about the passing of time
(Song: Killing Time, by The Creatures)

"The Hitchhiker"
A tribute to my favorite films, It Happened One Night
(Song: Take Me Away, by The Damned)

"Bending Gender"
See how many ways I can
bend the concept of gender
(Song: Boys will be Boys, by Goldfrapp)

"A Moth the a Flame"
A fan dance that takes you through the life
cycle of a moth, from birth to suicide
(Song: Into the Light, by Siouxsie and the Banshees)

"Blue Latex Dress"
See how I get my latex on, from powdering
my body to lubing up the rubber
(Song: Blue Dress, by Depeche Mode)

"Cheesy Leopard"
An audience participation act
(Song: Undress Me, by Marc Almond)

Fan dance about the dwarf planet
(Song: Pluto Drive, by The Creatures)

A tribute to my favorite TV mom
(Song: Satin Chic, by Goldfrapp)


"The Comedian"
A tribute to one of my favorite comic book character
(Song: I Walk the Line, by Alien Sex Fiend)

"A Sexy Treat"
I love aphrodisiacs!
(Song, Aphrodisiac by Bow Wow Wow)

"You are Beautiful"
A call to all women about how we
don't need to change because
we are already beautiful
(Song Beautiful by Goldfrapp)

© Iza la Vamp 2011